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What is Kliir?

Kliir is an app that gets you an interpreter on the phone in seconds with zero fuss to translate for you when you’re away on business or on holiday, and with no need to pre-book. It’s easy.

kliir - trovarti all'estero

Imagine the unexpected happens …

… while you’re abroad. You don’t know the language – you can’t understand what is being said to you, and you can’t make yourself understood either. What’s going on? What are they saying?

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Imagine how it would be …

… to have an interpreter – a real person, not a chatbot – right there on your phone. No more struggling with the lingo, now you’ve someone to talk to and interact with, someone who’ll explain to you what is happening and mediate with the local people.

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Don’t wait…

… for the problem to strike. So when you book a trip, download Kliir and travel with complete peace of mind! Kliir is free to download.

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Kliir for companies

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Travel companies

Do you work in travel and tourism? Are you looking for new and better services to offer your customers, to help you stand out from the competition? Then try Kliir!


From the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, your guests deserve only the best. And that goes for communication services, too…

Car rental

What happens when your customers have an emergency to report in a language they don’t really speak?

International events

Do you run international events, fairs or shows attracting visitors from around the world?


How many of your customers jetting to and from Italy need an interpreter on the fly?

Tour operators and travel agencies

Do you provide package holidays? How often have your customers complained about communication problems that Kliir would have solved in a flash?

How does the 

Kliir app work?

The app gets you an interpreter in real time. Register, buy the minutes you need, and open the Kliir app. The language is automatically set to English, unless your phone’s default language is Italian. Confirm the call and you’ll be connected in under 60 seconds!

Buy the minutes of interpreting you need on the “Choose your package” section. Add 5, 10 or 30 minutes with an in-app purchase. Then before each call, we’ll tell you how many minutes’ credit you have left.

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What if there’s no data roaming? You can call the number +39 011 217 1012 from the phone you’ve registered with, on Italian/English pair.



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