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FAQ – English2019-07-04T21:41:19+02:00
Which number should I call, if I don’t use the app?2019-08-05T12:19:20+02:00

You can call the number +39 011 217 1012 from the phone you’ve registered with.

What happens if I change my mobile number?2019-07-06T15:36:20+02:00

Access your personal area My Kliir, then set your new number in the dedicated field.

Do you also provide classic interpreting services?2019-07-04T21:40:23+02:00


Do you also provide written translations?2019-07-04T21:40:10+02:00

Absolutely, just contact InnovaLang at traduzioni@innovalang.eu.

Are you part of a translation agency?2019-07-04T21:39:56+02:00

We are part of InnovaLang, an established language services provider supplying technical, scientific, legal, travel, tourism and patent translations.

How old do I have to be to buy and use Kliir?2019-07-04T21:39:44+02:00


Will I be sent advertising after I subscribe to the service?2019-07-04T21:39:32+02:00


Can I work with you?2019-07-04T21:39:12+02:00

Sorry, we have no vacancies at the moment.

What if I forget my password?2019-07-04T21:39:01+02:00

You can recover it from the Kliir website and app on the “My account” page.

What if I forget my ID?2019-07-04T21:38:49+02:00

If you use your email address as your ID, you should be able to remember it easily.

How often do I have to change my password?2019-07-04T21:38:25+02:00

No, you keep using the same one.

How much does it cost to download the app?2019-07-04T21:38:13+02:00

It’s free.

At what times of day is the service available?2019-07-04T21:38:03+02:00

From 8 am to midnight CET (Central European Time), 365 days a year.

Which languages does it cover?2019-07-04T21:37:43+02:00

Currently Italian and English, with more coming soon!

Which area does it cover?2019-07-04T21:37:13+02:00

The whole world.

How much does it cost?2019-07-04T21:36:59+02:00

Please see the website, app or User Guide.

Where are you based?2019-07-04T21:36:32+02:00

Near Turin, Italy’s capital of culture and innovation, home to Nutella, Fiat Chrysler, Torino FC and Juventus!

How can I pay for Kliir?2019-07-04T21:36:20+02:00

By credit card, by PayPal or with our commercial partners (e.g. travel agencies), who may apply their own conditions.

Where can I buy Kliir?2019-07-04T21:36:05+02:00

You can buy Kliir at www.kliir.com, via the Kliir app, or from our commercial partners (e.g. travel agencies).

Do you record calls?2019-07-04T21:35:34+02:00


Who will pick up?2019-07-04T21:35:23+02:00

Our Kliirers – expert multilingual telephone consultants.

What can I use Kliir for?2019-07-04T21:35:10+02:00

For all your communication needs to and from the languages covered by the service, except for the fire, police or ambulance/emergency services: in such cases you must call the emergency number (in Europe 112) instead.

Where can I check how much credit I have left?2019-07-04T21:34:50+02:00

On the “My Kliir” page in the app.

Is there a user guide?2019-07-04T21:34:31+02:00

You can download the User Guide in PDF format from the Kliir website or app under the menu item “How it works”.

How does Kliir work?2019-07-04T21:34:13+02:00

The User Guide explains everything.

Who do I contact with suggestions or complaints?2019-07-04T21:33:42+02:00

Email us at ticket@kliir.com.

How and when is prepaid credit deducted?2019-07-04T21:33:21+02:00

Credit is deducted when the Kliirer answers. Every minute is billed in advance – so, for example, a 61-second call counts as 2 minutes of service used.

When the service is provided via the app, does it use data?2019-07-04T21:32:38+02:00


How much do calls cost if I don’t use the app?2019-07-04T21:32:13+02:00

You pay the cost of calls to landlines in Italy, which depends on your telephone service provider.

How long does the prepaid credit last?2019-07-04T21:26:31+02:00

12 months from the time you buy.