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    Hello! J

    If you’re reading this guide, it probably means that you’re interested in Kliir.

    Here below you will find useful information to use it and make the most of it.

    1. How the service works

    2            Registering and access

    1. Languages and countries covered
    2. Buying conversation minutes

    4.1         Rates and how to pay

    4.2         Other needs

    1. When to use

    5.1         When you might need Kliir

    5.2         Help with brief written texts

    5.3         Emergencies and calling 112

    1. Accessing and using the service

    6.1         Media and remaining credit

    6.2         Calling by telephone

    6.3         Once I call, what happens before you answer?

    6.4         Recommendations for use

    1. Any problems and complaints


    Happy reading, and welcome!


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    1. How the service works

    Kliir is a telephone interpreting service that solves the problem of communicating with someone who doesn’t speak your language. It also offers the option to get an oral translation of a short written text that you, the user, send in.

    When you start the call – via the app or a mobile or landline phone – you are connected in half a minute or so to the first available Kliirer.

    Kliirer? Absolutely. We don’t use chatbots, robots, voice-recognition systems, machine translation or automated responses. You get a real interpreter. Your Kliirer is a human consultant at your service to meet your communication needs, bringing all their skill at interacting and contextualising that no computer can match.

    You can interact directly with them or use your device in speaker mode or hand the phone to the other person you want to communicate with, so they can speak with the Kliirer too. Either way, the result will be a successful interaction.

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    1. Registering and access

    To use the service, you will need to register at www.kliir.com. When you’re there, click on “My account” in the menu at the top, then set your ID (we suggest using your email address), choose a password, enter some other information, and accept the terms of use.

    We’ll need these details:

    • your telephone number (international dialling code + national telephone number) for the Kliir system to recognise when authenticating you when you call to use the service
    • the country you live in
    • a few data needed for billing your purchases
    • the default language for communicating with Kliir (currently either Italian or English).

    After registering, you can go to www.kliir.com, click on “My account” in the menu at the top and enter your ID and password.

    If you wish, you can change your ID, password and other details from the “My account” menu. The password doesn’t expire, so you’ll never be forced to reset it.

    You can access the Kliir service with our app, which is free to download on Android and Apple devices.


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    1. Languages and countries covered

    The service currently covers the Italian–English language combination from 8 am to midnight (CET), 365 days a year, via telephone or app. The www.kliir.com website is also available in Italian and English, although we’ll be providing other interpreting combinations and versions of the site in other languages as soon as we roll out the service in other parts of the world.

    The language is automatically set to English, unless your phone’s default language is Italian.

    The Kliir service works anywhere, since it’s based on the web and telephone networks, but it will be aimed at visitors to Italy from abroad. When you call via the web, the traffic capacity is determined by the remaining data traffic that you have at the time. But when you use a telephone, the call costs depend on your telephone operator’s charges for calls to Italian numbers. This is on top of the cost of Kliir, which acts not as a telephone operator but as a remote language service provider.


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    1. Buying conversation minutes

    4.1        Rates and how to pay

    There are 2 ways to call a Kliirer and use the Kliir service: buy prepaid credit or pay as you go (aka Call&Pay). Whichever you choose, you can pay by PayPal or credit card.

    Prepaid credits are available in various packages:

    – Parachute: €19.99 for 5′ of service

    – Comfort: €33.99 for 10′ of service

    – Relax: €74.99 for 30′ of service

    Once you’ve created your account, you can buy prepaid 5-, 10- and 30-minute bundles, for €19.99, €33.99 and €74.99, respectively, on www.kliir.com or in the app.

    If you buy a prepaid bundle from a third-party distributor (e.g. a travel agency), you will have agreed a resale price of €10 for 5 minutes’ prepaid service and €20 for 10 minutes’. When this promotional credit runs out, subsequent top-ups are at the rates stated earlier, as also shown on www.kliir.com.

    For pay as you go, you can use Kliir by paying only the usage fee of €4.99/min, which will be billed to the PayPal account or credit card stored in your account.


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    This table sums it all up:

    Plan type Price when bought through Kliir Price when bought through third-party distributor
    Per minute of conversation (linked to PayPal / credit card account) – Call&Pay €4.99/minute not applicable
    Prepaid 5-minute bundles €19.99 €10.00
    Prepaid 10-minute bundles €33.99 €20.00
    Prepaid 30-minute bundles €74.99 not applicable

    Please note:   

    • Calls are always billed to you from the moment a Kliirer answers.
    • Every minute is billed in advance – so, for a 61-second call, you pay for 2 minutes of service.
    • All rates include VAT.

    With the prepaid option, the credit lasts for 12 months from the time of purchase; after that, you lose any residual credit, unless you make another prepaid purchase later, when the residual credit is added to what you have just bought.

    4.2       Other needs

    If you need a personalised service, e.g. for your business requirements, just email us at kliir@kliir.com, and we’ll be glad to create a bespoke solution for you.


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    1. When to use

    5.1        When you might need Kliir

    You can call Kliir whenever you need communication help with typical problems like:

    • obtaining information at an airport desk or hotel reception
    • dealing with service providers, e.g. taxi drivers and waiters, when you’re on holiday
    • understanding directions or instructions that you find hard to grasp
    • getting an explanation about information that seems unclear to you
    • taking the stress out of important conversations, e.g. with doctors and pharmacists.

    In other words, in situations involving general information and interactions that demand an excellent knowledge of both languages, the proactive assistance of a Kliirer will help you overcome any communication barriers and clear up any misunderstandings.

    5.2        Help with brief written texts

    The Kliir service provides voice support via audio calls, so video calls and written translations are not available. Even so, you can email photos of brief textual content to your Kliirer at pic@kliir.com, and they will translate it for you over the phone during your call in real time.

    5.3        Emergencies and calling 112

    Kliir is not an emergency service. It is not for use in a major incident or to obtain rescue, first-aid, fire, police or ambulance services. For those, you must call the free emergency number 112 instead.











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    1. Accessing and using the service

    6.1        Media and remaining credit

    You can use Kliir via the app or via a mobile or landline phone. If you buy prepaid, the credit remaining is updated constantly on the app.

    6.2        Calling by telephone

    If you don’t have access to a data network, or simply if you prefer it this way, you can call Kliir by telephone and you will soon be put through to a Kliirer. Please note: you will also have to pay the costs of the telephone service (a call to a landline in Italy), which are separate from the cost of using Kliir, so please check with your phone service provider how much that will be. The available phone numbers are on www.kliir.com.

    6.3        Once I call, what happens before you answer?

    Once you press the “Call” button on the app or browser, or when you enter the option code on a telephone call, the system will automatically find the first available Kliirer. This typically takes 15 to 60 seconds. While you wait, you’ll hear the Kliir jingle and perhaps some messages (which won’t prolong your waiting time), and you won’t have to enter anything or respond to any prompt in the meantime.

    6.4        Recommendations for use

    Your Kliirer is there to help you. To have a good experience, please speak clearly and try to explain the situation as simply as possible and tell them what you need. If other people with you also want to talk to the Kliirer, you can hand your phone to them or use speaker mode. Calls are not recorded.

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    1. Any problems and complaints

    We want you to enjoy using Kliir. But if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can open a ticket by writing to ticket@kliir.com. The relevant service desk will be alerted, so the most appropriate person can handle and resolve your issue.