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Kliir can greatly simplify your life, when you urgently need to communicate with someone who does not understand your language!



Registration is free of charge. Fill in the fields with your data, also provide your PayPal account if you are thinking of calling us with the "pay per use" option. If you prefer to use the "Prepaid" option, you can choose a payment plan when you log-in to your profile.




You can download the Kliir app on your smartphone from the Android marketplace or the Apple iStore, enter your credentials (name, surname and Kliir code) and save them; you can also manage your account and display your credit purchased/remaining associated with your Kliir code. Press Call, in just a few seconds you'll have an interpreter at your service!



Are you a translator? Are you bilingual? Would you like to join the Kliir Team? We have a form that's right for you... Fill it in and send it to us!










Few €/minute, pay per use or prepaid by credit card or PayPal.



Kliir serves all those people who visit places and are not proficient in the local language, yet want to live peacefully without getting into difficulty in urgent situations and emergencies.



It directly and automatically connects the user with a human interpreter.



To get through complicated situations, to provide effective help in emergencies, or simply to make your life easier.



Kliir is a communication platform, a dynamic filter that enables language services to be delivered over computer systems and mobile telephones, between you and us.



You can't do without it, if you want to travel anywhere with peace of mind, on a limited budget.

worksHow it works

Kliir will enable you to contact a live translator in a convenient and easy way. The Kliir app will be available for download on your smartphone, from the Android marketplace or the Apple Store. It will be possible to use Kliir also via phone or by a convenient web interface.
The service will be available on a pay-per-use mode or via prepaid plan, depending on your choice.

Either you use it via App, or web interface, all you have to do is to select the language you need and press Dial: in just a few seconds you'll have an interpreter at your service!”

teamOur Team

We create ideas with passion!


DAVIDE PATRUCCO“Engineer from the Turin Politecnico and EMBA from ESCP Europe, with a decade-long experience in management consulting and information technology. passionate in technology and thrilled by its potential in connecting people.” 


FEDERICO PEROTTO“Linguist from the University of Turin, EMBA from ESCP Europe, he has several publications to his name in Linguistics and Communication Science. He teaches management and patent translation at universities and training agencies. Founder and CEO of the translation agencies FDK Agency (2001), GP Studio (2004) and InnovaLang (2011)."


ELENA RUBATTO“Elena Rubatto, CMO. Graduated cum laude in Mathemathics from the University of Turin, she has an experience of more than 8 years in Business Consulting, managing International Projects in Information Technology area. Always looking for new working challenges, she cooperates with Kliir in Marketing & Communications.”

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We solve your doubts!

faqWhen will the Kliir service start? Very soon. The entire web platform is in the latest stage of development, and the App will be ready just after that. Let's say that Kliir will be operational in about one month from now.

faqHow much does it cost? We are defining the pricing, aiming to be as cheap as possible while offering a quality service.

faqHow long does the purchased credit last? If not used, it last for one years, after which it will be reset.

faqWhich area does the service cover? It starts with Italy, but we plan to cover as much places as possible as soon as the Kliir translators network expands.

faqWhen does the credit start to be deducted? Just when the interpreter responds.

faqIs there any other charges?  When using the phone, normal carriers charges will apply. Using the App or the Kliir web interface, no other charges will apply. To avoid extra charges, the App will ask you confirmation whether to use roaming traffic or just rely on the phone.

faqDo you also provide written translations?innovalang hi offers this service. Ask us for being put in contact.

faqDo you also provide traditional interpreting services?innovalang hi offers this service. Ask us for being put in contact.

faqDo you also provide linguistic advice?innovalang hi offers this service. Ask us for being put in contact.

faqHow long do I have to wait for the translator to answer the call? It depends on translators availability, but in general it's one minute at most.

faqWhat happens if it takes over one minute? The first minute of conversation will be at our expense.

faqWhat happens if I do not receive any response after calling for two minutes? We will call you back as soon as possible, or will refund the credit purchased.

faqHow much does it cost to download the App? Nothing, it is free.

faqIs there an inscription charge for being registered? No, it is free. You only pay if you use the service.

faqIs there a connection fee? Yes, but it includes the entire first minute of conversation.

faqAnd the next few minutes?The next few minutes are debited at one minute of credit every 60 seconds, so every minute of conversation is paid in advance.


Comments? Question? Whatever? Get in touch with us!

Kliir Srl c/o InnovaLang Srl
Headquarters: corso Francia 145/b
10093 Collegno (To), Italy
Tel. +39 011 4080529
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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