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Welcome to Kliir! You are on Kliir's website, the PLATFORM that IN a matter of seconds will provide you with a KLIIRER, OUR PERSONAL interpreter.


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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kliir work? The Kliir app will be available for free on your smartphone from the Android marketplace and the App Store. If you will choose a prepaid option, the credit purchased and remaining associated with your Kliir code will be displayed; you will not have to think about payment in your hour of need. Press Call, in just a few seconds you will have an interpreter at your service! For better detail, please sign up and read our User Guide.

Who's gonna answer? One of our Kliirers, Kliir's online translator\intepreters!

How long does the purchased credit last? One year, after which it will be reset.

Which area does the service cover? It starts with Italy!

Which languages are supported? The languages currently supported are Italian and English. Both may be used via telephone or browser channels/Apps. The site is currently available in Italian and English. Other language combinations will be made available as soon as the service expands geographically.

When does the credit start to be deducted? When the interpreter responds.

How long do I have to wait for the translator to answer the call? One minute at most.

What happens if it takes over one minute? The first minute of conversation will be at our expense.

What happens if I do not receive any response after calling for two minutes? We refund any credit purchased.

How much does it will cost to download the app? Nothing, it is free.

Is there an inscription charge for the service? No, it is free.

What happens when I call Kliir by browser (smartphone, tablet, PC)? To access the service via browser, just enter the site, log in, and enter the private area "MY KLIIR". At the top of the page, you may choose the languages to communicate with as well as a "Call" button that, once pressed, will initiate a search for a Kliirer and communication.

Is there a connection fee? Yes, but it includes the entire first minute of conversation.

And the next few minutes? The next few minutes are debited at one minute of credit every 60 seconds, so every minute of conversation is paid in advance.

Can I have some more detail about Kliir? Please sign up and read our User Guide!

Do you also provide written translations? Our partner InnovaLang offers this service.

Do you also provide traditional interpreting services? Our partner InnovaLang offers this service.

Do you also provide linguistic advice? Our partner InnovaLang offers this service.

Is there a Business Kliir service? Sure, please write at we will develop a tailor made solution for your company needs of online interpretership service.

Is Kliir open 24/7? At the moment Kliir service is available 8am-10pm, we are working hard to stretch it 24/7!

How to place a call? Kliir service can be accessed in two ways: by telephone (landline and mobile) and browser (via Internet).

What happens when I call Kliir by phone (landline, cellular phone)? To place a telephone call, just dial the number +39 02 94 75 48 79 and wait for a response (calls will be answered in Italian or English depending on the language selected in the user profile). Once the option code has been dialed, you will soon be put in contact with a translator.

Where are you from? Turin, Italy, ranked 2nd European Capital of Innovation 2016 by the European Commission: take a look here!.




Davide Patrucco


Federico Perotto


Elena Rubatto

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Our Story

March 2013. Davide Patrucco, a computer engineer and consultant, and Federico Perotto, an entrepreneur linguist and lecturer, return from a seminar on innovation at the McCombs School of Business in Austin when... read more!

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